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June 6, 2016

Tips When Hiring a Residential House Cleaning Company

House cleaning is one thing homeowners don’t really fancy or look forward to doing. There are way too many other stuff you want to prioritize instead of cleaning the house, including your job and family matters. Although you believe you can allot some time doing it, it’s really easier said than done.

Good news for you, so many residential cleaning companies have cropped the past few years. For a reasonable fee, they will be taking care of your home, literally doing the dirty work for you. But since there are several of them out there, you will have to learn how to find the most reliable one.


The most convenient way to obtain information about a residential cleaning company is to ask the people you trust, including members of your family, friends, and even coworkers. Once a person has a positive experience with a cleaning company, he or she won’ think twice in giving you a recommendation.

Insurance Coverage

You must never even contemplate on talking to a company that cannot prove they are bonded and insured. Insurance coverage is an indispensable requirement because it is the only way you could guarantee protection for yourself and your property in case accidents happen during the cleaning process. Insurance will cover the possible damage and injury. Sans the insurance coverage, the homeowner, which in this case is you, will be forced to cover the damages done to your own property.

Double Check the Cleaners

Once you come up with a list of prospects, go ahead and meet them and get more info about the people they are to send to your home to do the cleaning. If you don’t make the effort in doing a little research, you might end up allowing someone who has bad intentions to enter your home. A slight or minor background check won’t hurt.

Free Consultation

It should be a lot more convenient for you if you opt for a company that offers free consultation. The free consultation means a representative will be sent by the company to visit your home and then review the job needed to be done, and right after, will give you the estimate for the cost of the cleaning work. Never hire a company that doesn’t provide you free consultation because the only reason why they don’t is they plan on charging you more for a job that costs less.

Flat Fee vs. Per Hour

We also suggest that you go for a residential cleaning company that offers flat fee instead of per-hour charges. You can never deny the fact that workers of a cleaning company that charges per hour might deliberately delay or slow down so that they can charge you more.
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